Contessa QD Extra Extended Picatinny & Lateral Rails - Blaser

20% VAT incl.

  • Model:SBB09
Contessa Extra Extended Picatinny Rail Blaser
Quick Release Rail Mount with Front & Rear Extra Extended Picatinny Rail with Lateral Rails for Blaser

Rail Length: 16.5" / 420mm
Rail Extends Rear: 125mm from Rear Lug
Rail Extends Forward: 220mm from Front Lug
Weight: 459g
Fits Models: R8, R93

- Non Moving Parts: Hard Anodised Light Alloy called Ergal 7075
- Moving Parts: Hardened Compound Steel

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This mount is an extended Picatinny Rail, suitable for night vision with greater flexibility in eye relief position. The base is supplied as a one piece quick detachable unit, with wrenches included.

The design has a reinforced strengthened picatinny bar to cope with any stress from the scope. The full 420mm of length allows a massive range of placement of your scope. The lateral bars on the right and left side can be removed and replace depending on use. They are perfect for mounting a UV Torch. Same single release lever and high quality with guaranteed return to zero.

Simple to install at home with the supplied fitting tools. For additional instructions, view the Contessa Adjustment Screw Instructions for Blaser Mounts Here.

Also available: The Contessa Simple Ring Mount for Blaser

This QD system allows you to interchange multiple scopes on a single rifle, and even change a single scope to different rifles in seconds using the Contessa system. To see the other available Contessa mounting parts - Click Here

The Contessa Catalogue has the full range of products available. If you would like any help with parts or fitting, feel free to call us on 01978 66 00 01. We can offer advise on the best possible solution, and a high quality scope mounting service.

What our customers say...

I have 2 of these rails now for mounted IOR Reccon scope and S&B PM2 5x25 scope .The rails are solid and ideal for front mounted NV and IR .The price of these rails is relative to price of Blaser rail I find these quicker to mount on the barrel so changing from NV to thermal is effortless .

Rated by Stephen Harrison
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Contessa Picatinny Rail - Merkel Helix (0 MOA) - Extended
Contessa Picatinny Rail - Merkel Helix (0 MOA) - Extended
20% VAT incl.

Excellent product and well worth the money. The extra 2" you...