Ziegler ZP Claw Mounts - Full Set

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Ziegler ZP Claw Mounts Set

The Ziegler ZP Mounting system is a modern scope mounting using high precise CNC-workpieces. Highly qualified engineers, a wide selection of first-rate machinery and carefully planned manufacturing processes guarantee excellent results.

Ziegler ZP Mounts are the Best Scope Mounts in the World!

- Repeatable Zero
- Quick Release - Plug and Play
- Multiple Scopes on one Rifle

The Ziegler ZP Mounts allow you to remove your scope from the rifle for storage, cleaning or transport without having to sight it in again. The scope is guaranteed to return to zero every time you mount it. It simple clicks back into the exact place. This is great for when you are exchanging multiple scopes onto the same rifle, for instance when you swap a regular scope for a night vision when it gets too dark.

The Full Set Includes:
- Hook Foot
- Hook Ring
- Lock Base
- Lock Ring
- All Screws Needed
- (Picatinny Rail replaces Lock Ring & Hook Ring)

This Ziegler ZP Mount set has been specifically designed for the various rifle models and will fit to the rifle exactly. Every Ziegler ZP Mounting set comes with step-by-step instructions on How to Fit the mounts without much previous experience in mount fitting. We offer the service free of charge with every Ziegler Mount purchase.

For video instructions on mounting Ziegler Mounts - Watch Video

Rifle Manufaturer and Models they will fit:
- Anschutz: 11mm Dovetail
- Browning: A-Bolt / Eurobolt / BAR I / BAR II / European / X-Bolt
- Merkel: Helix
- Mauser: K98
- Sauer: 202 (Standard and Magnum)
- Steyr Mannlicher: S / M / L
- Sako: 75 / 85
- Tikka: T3 / 55 / 65
- Winchester: Model 70

Also available for Zeiss 45º, Zeiss 70º, Swarovski Rail, Schmidt & Bender Convex for Rail Scope options. Please contact us if you are interested in these mounts at sales@alanrhone.com

What our customers say...

Having purchased a set of Zeigler ZP Claw Mounts about a year ago for my Sauer (.308 cal), I recently bought a set for my other Sauer (.243 cal). I am seriously impressed with these mounts-I have found no loss of zero after the scopes are removed and re-mounted (I homeload and would notice even a 1/2" POI change).

Rated by Jon Martin
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Contessa Picatinny Rail - Merkel Helix (0 MOA) - Extended
20% VAT incl.

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