Genuine Sack-Ups - Rifle/Shotgun Sack

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  • Model:SACK-GUN
Sack-Ups Rifle or Shotgun Protective Sack - Keep you gun in top condition

Grey Rifle/Shotgun Sack-Up 52" Silicone Treated.

Sack-Ups are Silicone treated to prevent rust and to wick moisture away from your firearm. They provide protection for your gun in the field or in storage and prevent scuffs and scratches. Keeps your gun looking as new as it did the day that you bought it.

The Sack-Up provides a full cover protection against heat, water and smoke, with its unique elasticated cotton fabric, it will fit all rifles and shotguns. It also has a draw string at the end to secure your gun inside. The full gun Sack-Ups will even fit a rifle with a scope mounted.

What our customers say...

Not just a gun sock. This does exactly what it says on the tin (packet). I use it over my gun, then inside my slip and it absorbs any damp by the time I get home. Very Good 5 stars.

Rated by Stephen Carter
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