Schultz & Larsen Superdome IR Moderator (Over Barrel)

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  • Model:SL-SDIR-OB
Schultz & Larsen | Sound Moderator


Also See Superdome (Over Barrel)

Only Available to Purchase through a Gun Shop or RFD

Silencers and Sound Moderators are classed as a firearm and cannot be supplied mail order. Contact your local dealer for UK ordering. We cannot ship any Schultz & Larsen Sound Moderators outside of the UK. (Please contact Schultz & Larsen directly for ordering outside of the UK)
Call Us on 01978 66 00 01 for ordering details.

The Superdome IR Improved has the same core design as the Superdome, but with better noise reduction. Only 5mm longer and 20 grams heavier, it performs extremely well on all standard calibres and is the recommended choice offering effective moderation with a lightweight construction.

Over Barrel
Length: 230mm
Adds to barrel length: 120mm
Diameter: 44mm
Weight: 405 g

Available in:
6mm (.236" max). - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
7mm (.275" max). - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
8mm (.315mm max)
Maximum barrel diameter: 20mm at 100mm from the muzzle

Thread sizes:
Metric: M14x1
Imperial: TBA

Unusually, for a rifle maker at least, Schultz & Larsen have chosen to design and manufacture their own moderators. In doing so they have set the same standards for performance demanded of their rifles.

Each moderator is made of the highest quality materials and designed to withstand repeated firing with heavy calibres. Every baffle has a stainless steel cone in the centre to ensure longevity hence the designation for this model range "Schultz & Larsen Hardcore".

The rear section of the over-barrel models is machined from solid bar and that alone is an impressive piece of engineering.

The moderators require minimal cleaning to prevent rusting. The recommended cleaning method is to run a cleaning rod through the moderator periodically. In theory the carbon left behind from usage actually reduces the noise as it slows the gases flowing through the moderator.

Full Range of Schultz & Larsen Sound Moderators:
- TMD 35 (Muzzle Mounted)
- Ultradome (Over Barrel)
- Superdome (Over Barrel)
- Superdome (Muzzle Mounted)
- Thunderdome (Over Barrel)
- Thunderdome (Muzzle Mounted)
- Ultra Venom (Over Barrel)
- Venom (Over Barrel)
- Venom (Muzzle Mounted)

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