Recknagel SOB3D Silencer (ERA LOC)

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  • Model:SOB3D-ERALOC
Recknagel SOB3D Silencer
ERA LOC - Quick Release System

Only Available to Purchase through a Gun Shop or RFD

Silencers and Sound Moderators are classed as a firearm and cannot be supplied mail order. Contact your local dealer for UK ordering. We cannot ship any Recknagel Silencers outside of the UK. (Please contact Recknagel directly for ordering outside of the UK)
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Diameter: 50mm
Total Length: 165mm
Adds to Barrel: 105mm
Section Over Barrel: 60mm
Max. Barrel Diameter: 22.5mm
Weight: 326g
Decibel Reduction: 31 db

The Silencers from Recknagel are a revolution. The SOB3D is the lightest, most compact model in the range. Known as "The Efficient One". The use an internal baffle system within a solid one-piece outer body. The added benefit of interchangeable threads allows the user to swap between multiple threads in the same calibre group.

This Recknagel Silencer is fitted with the ERA LOC thread. It is an interrupted thread which works in conjunction with the ERA LOC Muzzle Adaptor. It allows quick attachment and quick release from the muzzle with a simple 60º turn. Find out more at

- Excellent suppression due to integrated stainless steel mesh
- No first round pop. Especially important for hunting!
- Super short and light – the rifle’s handling hardly changes
- High Suppression - Sound Reduction 31 dB
- Net Length - 105mm
- Reduced Recoil
- Surface Coating acc. to MIL-SPEC
- Exchangeable Threaded Bushing
- Step Geometry - Eliminates damage to the seals
- MAGNUM Compliance - At least 58 cm barrel length

Calibre Size - 5.7mm (.224)

Calibre Size - 6.5mm

Calibre Size - 7.62mm (.30 Cal)

Calibre Size - 8mm (.323)

Calibre Size - .375 (.30 Cal)
Not Available

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