Krieghoff Titanium Hanger, Fixed Choke Barrels

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  • Model:Ti-HANGER-FC
Titanium Front hanger for your K-80 with Fixed Choke Barrels. This hanger is considerably lighter than the standard steel version and is very useful to any shooter looking to shed a little weight from the muzzle. Available in sizes #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 and #8 for factory Fixed Choke Barrels only. Choke tube barrels are of a larger diameter at the muzzle meaning that these titanium hangers will not fit.

Fitting requires that you remove the hanger cross pin with a suitable pin punch. We recommend 1.4mm diameter. Change the hanger and replace the cross pin. A useful tip is to put the hollow cross pin onto a thin pin punch, 0.9mm diameter, and use the punch to support the pin whilst it is tapped home.

A pair of suitably sized pin punches are available in this store.

Special Order: Please Note that the Krieghoff Titanium Hangers for Fixed Choke Barrels are a Special Order Part. We will order them in from the Krieghoff Factory in Germany with estimated delivery of 7-14 days.

Weight of Titanium Hanger: 6 g
(Compared to Steel Hanger weight of 12 g)

Height Sizes Available:
#1 = 0,5 mm - [Code Ref: ZTL001936]
#2 = 1,0 mm - [Code Ref: ZTL001935]
#3 = 1,5 mm - [Code Ref: ZTL001934]
#4 = 2,0 mm - [Code Ref: ZTL001910]
#5 = 2,5 mm - [Code Ref: ZTL001911]
#6 = 3,0 mm - [Code Ref: ZTL001912]
#7 = 3,5 mm - [Code Ref: ZTL001913]
#8 = 4,0 mm - [Code Ref: ZTL001914]

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