ERATAC QD Sling Swivel - Loop Swivel [T0510-0001]

20% VAT incl.

  • Model:T0510-0001
ERATAC Quick Detachable Sling Swivel

This Steel sling swivel, has precision quick release and detachable mechanism using spring loaded ball bearings. The Swivel has a release button which when depressed releases the pressure on the ball bearings, allowing the swivels to be removed from the swivel socket.

Swivel Loop Inner Dimensions: 32mm x 13mm (at widest parts)
Swivel Loop Outer Width: 41mm
Swivel Insert Diameter: 9.5mm (Will fit in KDR Sockets of 10mm)
Code Ref: T0510-0000

Only one KDR QD swivel supplied

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