Schultz & Larsen Professional Bipod by Spartan

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  • Model:SL-BIPOD
Exclusive to Schultz & Larsen - The Spartan Javelin Pro Hunt Bipod

Carried off the rifle and attached in seconds, the Javelin Pro Hunt bipod® is designed for hunters who need to cover lots of ground but be ready in an instant. Attached to your rifle using the Spartan Magnetic Attachment System, the Pro Hunt has lockable, extendable legs that are easy and quick to operate with a single hand. Hunters challenged by uneven terrain will appreciate the single button Leg Lock-Out feature to open and close legs and ensure they stay fixed in the shooting position.

Fitting of the Classic Rifle Adaptor (Supplied): This is extremely easy to fit to your rifle, with no additional tools required. Using the supplied Allen wrench, you insert through your sling swivel to help loosen and remove. Check which Rubber Attachment Pads fits your stock profile best (we have used the most rounded one). Fit the Adaptor to the Rubber Attachment Pad and then using the correct threaded screw from the ones supplied (we have used the coarse wood screw), you fit the Classic Rifle Adaptor to the stock with the Allen wrench until tight. Make sure the swivel hole on the Adaptor is at the rear, to avoid it interfering with the bipod.

- Track targets with the traversing function or use in locked target mode
- Cant facility for uneven surfaces
- 7075 hard anodised aluminium and high-quality carbon fibre for light weight and strength
- Modularly designed to accept a range of different legs for different shooting positions and terrains
- External friction lock design helps keep the locking mechanism out of the dirt and allows bipod legs to be adjusted quickly and easily
- Low profile adapter makes carrying a slung rifle comfortable
- Rubber and tungsten carbide feet for grip in different environments
- Quick and easy to swap to other rifles with a suitable attachment system
- Secure sling attachment
- Supplied with storage case and a classic rifle adapter kit
- Compatible with a full range of 12mm Spartan Rifle Adapters

Gunsmith Adaptors:
We also offer the Spartan Gunsmith Adaptor as an option. These adaptors are made fit flush into the stock and are bonded in place. We offer a fitting service for the Brass Gunsmith adaptor as this is to be shaped to the radius of the forearm. Please contact us for more information at

Weight: 8.3oz / 236g
Materials: Hard Anodised 7075 Aluminium / Multi Layered Carbon Fibre
Cant: 15º Right/Left
Pan: 30º Right/Left
Height (Minimum when legs inserted): 18.9cm / 7.5"
Height (Maximum when legs extended): 30.5cm / 11.75"
Ground Clearance: 22.8cm - 30.5cm / 9" - 12"

1 x Schultz & Larsen Spartan Javelin Pro Hunt Bipod
1 x Spartan Classic Rifle Adaptor
3 x Rubber Attachment Pads
6 x Attachment Screws (inc. 5 x Machine / 1 x Coarse Wood Screw)
1 x Allen Wrench

Please Note - If you are ordering from any of the Scandinavian countries, please contact Schultz & Larsen in Denmark. They stock this item and will be able to provide the order. You can email them on
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