Clearance Americase Cordura Case Cover (32x11x3")

20% VAT incl.

  • Model:CORDURA-03
Clearance Americase Cordura Cover
Size to Fit Case - 32 x 11 x 3"

K-20 Combo Case - Check Your Americase
Limited Quantities Available

Hard wearing black cordura protects your case from scratches and damage. Protects the car and furniture from damage by contact with the case as well! An added benefit is the low key appearance which is especially important when travelling. No more will your case get any unwanted attention. Especially when carrying a Krieghoff.

Easily attached with Velcro fitting kit, supplied with every cover.

There are other covers for other Krieghoff cases also available but it can be complicated with sizes and models listed. So please check your case dimensions.

This is the Cordura Case Cover Only. It DOES NOT INCLUDE the Americase

Case Model Length Width Height
K-80 Single Case 37" 9" 3.5"
K-80 Combo Case 37" 11" 3.5"
K-80 3-Barrel Case 37" 13" 3.5"
K-80 Pro Rib Case 37" 12" 4.5"
K-80 Trap Special Case 34.5" 12" 5"
K-20 Single Case 36" 9" 3"
K-20 Combo Case 32" 11" 3"