Krieghoff K80 KTW Pro Choke Wrench

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  • Model:K-THINWALL-W

The Krieghoff K-80 KTW Pro Thinwall Choke Wrench - For Parcours & Parcours-X Thinwall Chokes

This wrench fits the Krieghoff KTW Thinwall Choke Tubes especially for the Parcours and Parcours-X Barrels. The plastic section inserts into the choke for a firm fit. Then the teeth on the wrench fit directly into the choke tube and allows the user to unscrew the choke quickly and easily.

Fits the:
- Krieghoff K80 KTW Flush Fit Choke Tubes for K80 Parcours & Parcours-X
- Krieghoff K80 KTW Extended Choke Tubes for K80 Parcours & Parcours-X

The choke wrench folds neatly inside itself for a compact storage solution. With Krieghoff 12 Bore laser engraved on the side to ensure you're using the correct wrench.

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20% VAT incl.

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