Schultz & Larsen Recoil Reducer/Counter Weight

20% VAT incl.

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  • Model:SL-WEIGHT
Schultz & Larsen Recoil Reducer / Counter Weight

50mm / 52g
100mm / 135g

The Schultz & Larsen Recoil Reducer / Counter Weights are aluminium sealed tube containing lead weights. The inertia from the lead weight movement reduces the recoil when a shot is fired, plus it acts as a counter weight, adding the desired weight (either 52g or 136g) to the butt of the stock.

For fitting the Recoil Reducer / Counter Weight, an accurate 20mm diameter bore must be drilled into the stock under the recoil pad to the correct length. The cap from the recoil reducer tube can be removed and using a wood screw, secured into the bore hole. Once in place the recoil reducer can be screws back onto the cap and tightened using the flat driver slot.
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