Recknagel 11mm Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Adaptor [..1011]

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  • Model:57050-1011
Recknagel Picatinny Aluminium Rail for 11mm Dovetail
Black anodised

Height (BH) - 10.5mm
Length - 145mm
Usable length of Rail - 110mm
Distance between Clamps - 70mm
Weight - 68g
Code - 57050-1011

Contents Supplied
- 1x Black Anodised Rail, 1 x Wrench

Made of high strength aluminum and black anodized finish. The rail attaches to a 11mm dovetail with two side clamps, tightened with the included Torx wrench. The rail is fitted with a single recoil stud on the underside, which can be fitted to any one of 4 pre drilled locations, or removed completely if the rifle has no provision for a recoil stud.

This scope mount part converts the 11mm dovetail to the stronger and widely used picatinny rail system.

This rail fits all 11mm and 11.5mm dovetails.
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20% VAT incl.

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