Krieghoff "K" Logo Cap Black & White

20% VAT incl.

  • Model:K-CAP-BW

The Krieghoff "K" Logo Baseball Cap.

Black and White Cap with high quality White detailing on the peak and White embroidery. The Krieghoff "K" Logo on front in bold White embroidery. Krieghoff Logo on the right side of the cap and the "Since 1886" logo on the rear.

Fitted with a brass buckle with excess strap tidy, which allows the cap to be adjustable to any size and means one size fits all. A high quality 6 panel cap with vent holes and lightweight feel, ideal for all year round conditions.

- Made from 100% brushed cotton.
- Adjustable strap with brass buckle.
- Matching colours between the sandwich, eyelets and crown for added style.
- Colours: Black and White with White Embroidery

Other Colours Available:

Krieghoff K-80 Sport Logo:

- K-80 Sport - Navy and Red
- K-80 Sport - Navy and Royal Blue
- K-80 Sport - Black and Red

Krieghoff "K" Logo:
- "K" Logo - Navy and White
- "K" Logo - Navy and Royal Blue
- "K" Logo - Black and White

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