VFG Complete Set for .308 Win

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  • Model:VFG-7.5MM
VFG Complete Set for .308 Win

This is everything you need for your .308 Win Rifle. The set comes complete with a cleaning rod (either Stainless Steel or Aluminium), plus adaptor for the rod to accept the felts, and both standard and Intensive felts. This simple to use system gives you a fast and very effective cleaning system. We, at Alan Rhone Ltd, use it as our primary cleaning system and we highly recommend it.

Set Includes:
1 x VFG 1 Piece Cleaning Rod (for 7mm Upwards)
1 x VFG Adaptor for Cleaning Rod
1 x VFG Standard Felts (7.5mm Box of 50)
1 x VFG Intensive Felts (7.5mm Box of 50)

Please Note: All One-Piece Rods are vulnerable and have been damaged in transit when shipping internationally. So we cannot ship any One-Piece Rods Internationally.

If you need Additional Felts for .308 Win, we also supply individual packs to replenish your stock.

- 7.5mm Standard Felts (50)
- 7.5mm Intensive Felts (50)
- 7.5mm Standard Felts (500)
- 7.5mm Intensive Felts (500)

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