Schultz & Larsen T-Handle Wrench (4mm Hex)

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  • Model:SL-TWRENCH
Schultz & Larsen T-Handle Wrench (4mm Hex)

For use with Schultz & Larsen rifles, including the Classic DL, Victory and Ambassador. The Wrench is use primarily to un-tighten the vital screws to remove and reattach the barrel.

There are two screws on the trigger mechanism plate to loosen. These are undone and removed, then trigger mechanism plate drops out to free the barrelled action. This is to be taken out from the top of the stock, once removed, there are two more screws which hold the barrel into the action. These need to be loosened with the T-Wrench also, but only by 1/2 to 3/4 turn, then out slides the barrel.

When reattaching the barrel. Slide the barrel back into the action ensuring the lug in the action slots fully into the barrel. Insert the bolt and close to guarantee the position is correct. Tighten the screws on the action gradually by alternating between the two until fully tightened. Once the barrel is attached, insert the barrelled action back into the stock, then attach the trigger mechanism plate back in place and tighten up the two screws (smaller of the two at the front). Do this alternatively until fully tightened.

Length: 140mm
Weight: 31 g
4mm Hex/Allen Wrench
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