VFG Adaptor for VFG Rods (Spare)

20% VAT incl.

  • Model:VFG66804
VFG Adaptor for VFG Rods (66889 and 66893)
M5 male / 1/8" female thread
(made out of aluminium)

Product Code: 66804

This VFG Adaptor will fit on to VFG Cleaning Rods for .22-6.5mm and 7mm and above (66889 and 66893) to use the VFG Cleaning Felt system.

This adaptor can also be used with the Parker Hale Shotgun Rod adaptor, VFG 9/32" to M5 (66900). The adaptor simply screws into your rod, then you can attach the VFG Felts. This is a replacement adaptor in case you lose or damage your existing one.

This Aluminium Adaptor fits on to female threads with M5 and male threads of 1/8" Thread.

Material: aluminium
Contents: 1x Rod Adaptor

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