AimZonic Plus Camo Sound Moderator

20% VAT incl.
20% VAT incl.

  • Model:PLUS-CAMO
AimZonic Plus Camo

WARNING - This product needs to be purchased face to face and through an RFD as it is a firearm part and requires by law to be added to your Firearms Certificate. Contact us or your local RFD for purchasing. No International Sales.

Alan Rhone Ltd are no longer distributors for AimSport products. We only have a limited number of AimZonic Plus and Compact Camo moderators available in stock. Once they're gone, they're gone. Please contact your local gun shop and refer them to us to place an order.

Lightweight and compact, the aimZonic uses a completely new system with a large expansion chamber and by-pass valve. The aimZonic comes in two base models, Compact and Plus, both of which have a 5-year guarantee. Both models are muzzle mounted but can be retro fitted with a Cyclone Option to an over barrel reflex type giving even greater noise reduction.

- Realtree Camo Pattern
- Weight: 310 g
- Diameter: 50mm.
- Length Overall: 150mm, (+ 135mm to barrel)
- Noise Reduction 23-26 dB

Available Calibres:
5.7 (.224),
6.7 (.260),
7.7 (.308),
8.6 (.338),
9.3 (.366).

Available in ALL Thread Sizes:
We carry a large inventory of popular thread sizes in both metric and imperial, and any thread we don't have, we can get it at no extra charge - What is My Thread Size?

Example Metric Thread Sizes: M14 x 1, M15 x 1, M18 x 1
Example Imperial Thread Sizes: 3/4" x 20 UNF, 1/2" x 20 UNF

Also Available:
- AimZonic Compact (CAMO)

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