VFG Intensive Barrel Cleaning Felts for 4-4.5mm (Box of 100)

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VFG Barrel Intensive Cleaning Felts for 4 - 4.5mm
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These small felt screw-on pellets, which are calibre specific are used with the VFG Cleaning Rod to clean your barrel. The felts screw onto the cleaning rod tip and then passed down the barrel to give a smooth and effective clean. The intensive felt wads are embedded with aggressive/coarse phosphor bronze fibres for proper cleaning that will not damage a steel airgun barrel. Ideal for .17 calibres.

The 4-4.5 mm felts are recommended for the following calibres: 4 mm M 20, 4 mm Randz, .17 Rem
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Supplied as small box containing:
100 intensive felt screw-on pellets

To be used with VFG Cleaning Rod for 4-4.5mm Calibres.

Instructions for Use:
1. Take Adapter No. 66803 and screw this onto VFG Cleaning rod No. 66801 (740 mm Long) or 66802 (300 mm Short).
2. For the preliminary cleaning operation screw a VFG Intensive Cleaner onto the adapter.
3. Slowly push a VFG Super Intensive Cleaner through the barrel from the breech. When doing so, the special felt presses itself firmly into the grooves and follows the rifling. Repeat this procedure as often as is necessary.
4. For the final cleaning operation use normal VFG Rifle Cleaner No. 66800.
5. If the barrel is to be oiled, screw VFG Rifle Cleaner No. 66800 onto the adapter, soak this thoughly with weapon oil (Ballistol or Ustanol) and repeatedly move it back and forth in the barrel.
6. Perform the de-oiling of the barrel with normal VFG Rifle Cleaner No. 66800.

Make sure that the barrel of your weapon is free after each cleaning operation.

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