Krieghoff Trigger & Selector Locking Wrench

20% VAT incl.

  • Model:WRENCH-TS
Krieghoff Trigger and Selector Locking Wrench

This wrench is 1.27mm, 0.050", and is the correct size to adjust the trigger position on your K-80 or K-20. The same wrench locks and unlocks the barrel selector. Please note: When adjusting the trigger position you must also loosen the front selector locking screw in the trigger blade. This is because when the selector is locked the trigger cannot move along the rail.

Other Krieghoff Wrenches Available:
- Safety Catch Locking Wrench (2mm Hex)
- Stock Removal Wrench (5mm Hex)
- Comb Adjustment Wrench (2.5mm Hex)
- Trap Special/Pro Rib Wheel Locking Wrench (1.5mm Hex)

We Can Only Accept Orders from UK & Ireland Only
Please Note: This Product is only permitted to be sold in the UK and Ireland from this website. Any International Orders will be cancelled and refunded. You will be contacted if this is the case. If you would like to order Krieghoff parts, please contact your national distributor.

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