VFG Adaptor for Parker Hale English Rods (over 7mm)

20% VAT incl.

  • Model:VFG66806
VFG Adaptor for English Rods (Parker Hale)

Product Code: 66806

Fits Parker Hale Yellow Rods (Calibres 7mm & Upwards)

This VFG Adaptor will fit on to existing English Cleaning Rods such as Parker Hale to allow you to use the VFG Cleaning Felt system. The adaptor simply screws into your rod, then you can attach the VFG Felts for your chosen calibre.

This Adaptor fits English Rods types, with Screw Thread to fit directly to the rod. So you get the benefit of the VFG Cleaning felts without needing to purchase the additional VFG cleaning rod.

PLEASE NOTE: With some Parker Hale Rods, the VFG Adaptor (66806) will only screw on to the rod half way (4 or 5 turns). See pictures that illustrate this. If this is the case, you can still use the adaptor, but please make sure the adaptor is tight on the rod. Use of thread locker to hold the adaptor on can be used also.

Material: Aluminium
Contents: 1x Rod Adaptor, 1x Felt Nut (to hold felt on)

The Adaptor accepts VFG Felts of all calibres over 7mm.
(7mm / 7.5mm / 8mm / 9.3mm / .375)

VFG Adaptors for Existing Rods:
Adaptor for English Rods - .22 to 6.5mm (66807)
Adaptor for English Rods - 7mm to .45 (66806)
Adaptor for US Rods - 7-32 (66809)
Adaptor for US Rods - 8-32 (66810)

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