VFG Pull Through Match Pocket Set, for 4-4.5mm

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  • Model:167291
VFG Pull Through Pocket Set Match for Calibres 4-4.5mm

Code: 167291
Length of Pull-Thru Wire: 101cm
Supplied containing:
- Pocket Tin,
- Pull Through Wire,
- Adaptor for Felts,
- Grip Disc

Precision in handysize - suitable for match calibres 4-4.5mm

A smart metal case on the outside and a rich inner life on the inside. A plastic covered steel wire (the flexible cleaning rod) and a grip disc are part of the set.

It is quick and simple to operate: push the wire through the barrel, fix the barrel cleaner on the adaptor and pull the wire through the barrel with the help of the grip disc. Repeat this procedure three or four times and you're done. Oiling and de-oiling works the same way.

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Felts Available:
- 4 - 4.5mm Felt Pellets
- 4 - 4.5mm Super Intensive Felt Pellets

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