VFG 1 Piece Steel Cleaning Rod for 4-4.5mm (.177), with Adaptor

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  • Model:VFG66801
VFG Cleaning Rod for 4-4.5mm (.17)
Comes with VFG Adaptor (66803)

Code: 66801
Material: Steel
Product Line: Powerline
Rod Wipe Length: 740 mm
Rod Diameter: 3.5 mm

The VFG cleaning rod long (740mm / 29.1 inches wiping length) includes adaptor for sizes 4 - 4.5 mm or .177.

The cleaning rods are made of stainless steel with non-slip and ergonomic polyamide handle. This contains two maintenance-free, light-running ball bearings so that the VFG barrel cleaner screwed onto the adaptor can follow the rifling grooves inside the barrel during the cleaning process.

The 4-4.5mm Rod is recommended for the following calibres: 4 mm M 20, 4 mm Randzünder, .17 Rem, .17 HMR and all .17 Calibres
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Please Note: All One-Piece Rods are vulnerable to bending when being shipped. We've experienced multiple previous orders being damaged in transit when shipping internationally. For this reason we cannot ship any One-Piece Rods Internationally. We can however ship the Three-Piece Rods if you would like an alternative option.

Supplied containing:
1 x Rod with Polymide Handle (740mm Wipe Length)
1 x Brass Adaptor for 4-4.5mm Calibres (VFG 66803)

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