Silva Carry Dry Case - 3 Sizes

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Carry your valuable belongings with you on your outdoor activities without risking them being damaged by water, snow, sand or dust. Ideal for camping, fishing, canoeing, mountaineering, hiking or travelling.

Silva Carry Dry Cases come in three different sizes: S, M, and L, to fit your valuables.

The Dry Case medium fits most common camera's and GPS units.They are quick and easy to open and close. They feature an enclosed neck strap so that you can keep your hands free and at the same time keep your belongings within reach.The electronic devices can be used as normal when placed in the Silva Carry Dry Case, so once youve put them inside you dont have to take them out.

Water proof - keeps maps and equipment safe in any condition
Touch screen compatible - electronic devices can be used through the plastic material
Winter use - flexible in temperatures down to -20C and up to +60C
Closure - Quick and easy closure system
Compartment size - Small - 150x75 mm / Medium - 218x110 mm / Large - 218x250 mm
Durable TPU/TA construction
Weight: Small - 17g / Medium - 25g / Large - 46g
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20% VAT incl.

Really nice piece of kit but seriously lacking Padding.....