Krieghoff Shooter's Towel - Red

20% VAT incl.

  • Model:TC013-RED
The Krieghoff Shooter's Towel is the perfect accessory for all shooters. The towel is embroidered with the Krieghoff "K" logo. It has a carabiner clip ring to allow for easy attachment to your belt loop or bag.

Great for those damp days when you need to wipe away any moisture, or in tense shoot-offs, to wipe your sweaty palms.

Other Colours Avaialable:
- Navy
- Black
- Green
- Red

Material: 100% Cotton
Fabric Weight: 550gsm
Size: 30 × 50 cms
Useful Information
Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack with Multi-Tool
Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack with Multi-Tool
20% VAT incl.

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