Krieghoff Fine Leather Gun Case (K-80 Parcours)

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Fine Leather Gun Case by Krieghoff
Custom made specifically for the standard specification K-80 Parcours

This is a beautifully hand made leather case, custom fitted for the K-80 Parcours, using the exact dimensions for a perfect fit. The case has a full coverage leather outer with leather and brass detailing throughout. A genuinely high quality case to equal a high quality gun.

The case provides more than enough protection for the gun inside. The little possibility of movement of the components inside means that the contents is kept in a perfectly safe condition.

Features include:
- Fine felted interior
- Various padded storage compartments
- Leather fastening straps with brass buckle
- Brass 3 digit combination lock
- Leather Stock/Action holding strap with brass buckle
- Reinforced leather outer corners
- Strong leather carry handle
- Brass hinges
- Krieghoff makers emblem on interior lid

- Outer Length: 88cm / 34.5"
- Outer Width: 22.5cm / 8.8"
- Outer Depth: 10cm / 3.9"
- Internal Length: 85.5cm / 33/6"
- Internal Width: 20cm / 3.9"
- Padded Wall Height in Bottom Case Section: 6cm / 2.4"

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