Krieghoff "K" Mesh Cap - Navy

20% VAT incl.

  • Model:K-CAP-KM-N

The Krieghoff Mesh Cap in Navy.

A navy cap with cotton front and peak, with textured mesh material on the side and rear panels, for a sleek twist on the standard design. The specially designed 3D Printed Rubber Krieghoff "K" Logo is mounted in the centre of the cap - giving the cap a simplistic, yet bold design.

A Velcro strap to adjust the cap to fit, which allows the cap to be adjustable to any size and means one size fits all. A high quality 6 panel cap with vent holes and lightweight feel, ideal for all year round conditions.

- 3mm thick rubber 3D printed logo
- 100% cotton front and peak.
- Polyester “Mesh” side and rear
- Adjustable Velcro strap
- Padded cotton sweatband
- Colours: Navy with White Rubber 3D Krieghoff "K" Logo

Other Colours Available:

Krieghoff "K" Mesh Cap:

- "K" Mesh Cap - Black
- "K" Mesh Cap - Grey

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