Black Barrel Case (83cm Internal)

20% VAT incl.

Black Barrel Case

Holds barrels upto 83 cm long

Injection moulded, high quality, tough and lightweight. The case has four sliding locks which allow for a tight and secure fastening with egg shell filled inner. The chunky handle allows for comfortable handling. The over size foam lining provide a secure and cushioned hold of the contents. The hinges are made with steel hinge pins, rather than plastic hinges, to ensure the case's durability.

The case holds over & under or side-by-side shotgun barrels upto 83 cm and we have tested a set of Krieghoff 32" Barrels with Titanium Choke Tubes in and they fit perfectly. They are big enough to fit most barrels comfortably including detachable rifle barrels on switch barrel systems such as Schultz & Larsen.

Ideal for transport, travelling and sending barrels.

Length Outer: 860 mm
Length Inner: 830 mm
Width Outer: 135 mm
Width Inner: 63 mm Smallest / 97 mm Widest
Height Outer: 76 mm
Weight: 887 g
Colour: Black

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