Jones Gun Nut Kit

20% VAT incl.

  • Model:GUNNUT
Worn out pad screw holes in your stock? Forget matchsticks and plugs. The Jones Gun Nut Kit is a quick, easy and permanent solution to loose recoil pads.

Step 1:
Drill original screw holes to depth of 1" (25mm) with 1/4" (6.4mm) drill bit.

Step 2:
Screw in Gun nuts using supplied hex wrench.

Step 3:
Attach your recoil pad using the supplied screws. Screws are 30mm long to allow for spacers etc. and can be easily cut down to size.

Now you can remove and replace your pad as often as you like.

- 1x Hex Wrench
- 2x Gun Nuts
- 2x Longer Pad Screws (30mm)
- 2x Standard Pad Screws Anodized

We fit Gun Nut Kits
Send us your stock and the Gun Nut will be fitted by our experienced gunmaker.
Contact us for further details on 01978 66 00 01.

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